Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama Takeover of Auto Industry Rankles Some

In what some are calling an unprecedented government takeover,  President Obama's move to control the two big wounded auto giants  -  Chrysler and GM  - certainly is making some on the right cry 'socialism'.  Rejecting CEO plans to turn things around,  Obama has taken the reins.  His ideology is in accord with the times;  or rather,  the times have given him an opening, and he has taken it.  Ride out boy,  and send it home solid.    Fear of socialism is odd,   given that most who fear it could benefit from a democratic,  Americanized,  quasi-socialism.  Hard core socialist ideology had its heyday,  and is not in danger of making a comeback.  To demonize Obama,  is to see him through the lens of paranoia.  What distortions there are about him,  and with what manner of probing do some on the right see all his darkness coming to light:  Is this over reaction?  Counterbalance and compensatory aid?  I myself suffer from a bifurcated view of Obama,  as these pictures illustrate.  He is riding a historical moment which is pulsating with possibilities in all directions.  "The handwhich writes the future as though it were the past":  these words of an I Ching scholar depicts the writing on the wall,  which is visible to those with historical sense.  

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