Monday, March 16, 2009

Slouching Toward Socialism Accusations will have little Adverse Affect on Obama

As many on the right   -  as well as those who are of the libertarian persuasion -  escalate accusations that Obama is dragging the nation into socialism,  a wider perspective reveals this to be of no concern to the president.  After all,  throughout the campaign season,  these accusations were flung far and wide,  to no avail.  I believe that hostility has built up so long for struggling Americans,  that there is little concern about socialism,  so long as there is redress.  Had the situation been dealt with far earlier,  in a more balanced manner,  we would not have arrived  at the present impasse.  Nothing like howling to lock the barn,  after the horse has been stolen.  Preventative measures are always put off until they no longer serve any function.  As Winston Churchill said,  this is the human story:  Allowing things to escalate to the point  that moderation  can no longer be the venue. 

Millions of people are far less concerned with the visions of the founding fathers or what the role of government ought to be,  and far more occupied with addressing their rage at the dire straits they never dreamed they'd be in.  Obama has a wide berth here,  a very wide berth.   An excellent piece to read,  here is the link:

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