Friday, March 6, 2009

In the End, Hard Facts will Overtake Limbaugh's Empty Fireworks

As the Assoicated Press reports in tandem that unemployment is at 8.1% and heading into the double digits,   and that Rush Limbaugh is making tasteless jokes about a Teddy Kennedy Memorial Health Bill,  I see a pattern and am making a prediction:  That soon cold,  hard,  devastating facts will overtake Americans,  and Limbaugh's empty fireworks will be seen as the swan song of the 1990s glitz that they truly are.  Speak on,  Rush,  your time grows short.  Soon the devastation of our current crisis and its true face,  without any masking of its stark features,  will reveal itself.  And then you,  clown,  with your belly and your cigar and your bouncing on your feet and your gestures and your double entendres will vanish,  as smoke after a display of fireworks.

Even the conservative blog,  Riehl World View,  in a post of  February 25 ,  asked,  Is the Limbaugh Era Coming to an End?  ,  sensibly admitting that the fights which conservatives have ahead of them go beyond Rush's "professional reach".  Cultures come and go,  as do the seasons.  The Reagen Era is over,  and its talk increasingly rings hollow to many,  and fails to persuade.  It is not forever 1984,  or 1994,  or 1997.  Arguments which once carried weight and seemed to many to make a great deal of sense will be drowned out as Obama's New America fills the airwaves.  We can make empty gestures and talk of a revival of the Reagen Era,  but such talk will increasingly fall on deaf ears.  We are entering a very different America now,  with new problems which call for new solutions.  It is bad faith to wail and bang the drum and groan like a man of 80 when the curtain is coming down on our act.  This in fact is how Limbaugh appears to a multitude of intelligent,  thinking people.

This is Obama's America,  now. Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton, and his era is not the 1990s,  a fact you,  Limbaugh,  seem unable to grasp.  Barack Obama is something new,  and wholly different.  He is individual,  qualified,  and select;   standing  out in relief against the backdrop of past decades like a lone foreign figure.   The will of the people gave him his mandate for Change.  Why complain of this now?  After all, Rush,  you had your fling of thumbing your nose at Federal law,  and making a mockery of our electoral system,  when you had your dogs go out and vote for Hillary.  Why didn't it work?  Because history was running against you,  Rush.  Didn't you predict that the 2008 Democratic convention would be such a riot,  that it would make 1968 look like a kindergarten?  Do you see a pattern here?  The times keep going against you.  And you whine,  "Why won't Obama debate me?" : Let me see if I can frame an answer which you can understand:   Because he has far more important things to do,  because he is concerned with struggling Americans,  millions of men and women and children who stand in need of his help;  because you are obnoxious and all talk with no substance,   and quite frankly,  because you are not educated enough and do not hold any political office.  Put that in your cigar and smoke it.  And maybe get out, while the gettin' is good.. .

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