Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prophetic Dreams of President Obama ?

Prophetic Dreams About Barack Obama 's Presidency?   In trawling the internet,  I came across a blog in which a man related a dream about Barack Obama's presidency ( impending)   which he dreamed in October 2008.  What gave me stern pause was that it was similar to the dream I had on the night of November 2,  2008,  just prior to the election.  My dream also seemed prophetically connected to the election. The blogger's dream can be found HERE  .  In any case,  his dream consisted of two teams, playing against each other;  one is vastly superior,  but the latter wins due to an error or oversight on the part of the former.   The blogger  (James Hartline)  viewed this dream as depicting the error on the part of the Democratic Party to check Obama's birth certificate.  ( I am of the belief,  however,  that the will of the people will prevail,  and that it would be easier to amend the constitution than to oust Obama.)  What startled me was the similarity to my own dream:   Not in detail,  but in tone.  My own dream:  I am with my husband and son on Cape Cod.  A storm is building,  and all the TV stations are reporting on it,  calling it  "The Storm of the Century".   I am seeing an aerial view of Cape Cod,  and the winds are howling,  people are running to and fro ,  and a dense,  swirling fog is creeping up the Cape,  to the North.  The sound of winds and people's shouts is a din.  Suddenly,  I look toward the end of the Cape,  and see two huge dark clouds part,  and a huge ray of sun beams down.  The winds stop, and all is silent.  It is as though a great joy has come upon the land.  However,  I become alarmed as I see in the distance,  out at sea,  a tornado,  funnel cloud,  huge and black,  heading toward the land.  I realize  that the joyful celebration is only the calm before the coming storm.  I awaken and think,  "Barack Obama".  

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