Friday, March 27, 2009

Alarmists Are Preaching to the Choir over GIVE Act

There is so much alarm,  on the right,  over President Obama's GIVE Act:  That it will be forcing volunteer work on the young ( but has not school attendance always been compulsary,  and a violation of the right to free association?  )  and that it is a seditious piece of legislation which aims to prohibit protest ( what about the '90s massive expansion of police powers,  forcing people to take breathalizer tests and go into rehab "treatment" centers at the first sign of intoxication,  even if the driving was superb, and one was stopped routinely?). . . 

This is so much preaching to the choir:  The Alarmists leading those with a proclivity  -  nay a deep desire  -   to be Alarmed.  I am behing the Act,  because the times call for it.  We have a sinking economy,  2 foreign wars,  and are clearly going down.  If this will help to unify and rebuild,  and is what the times call for,  why whine about it?  Support Our Volunteer Troops!  

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