Sunday, March 1, 2009

Obama Speech is Like Sex , Says Castellanos

Our Oratory President  Obama Addressing the Nation:  "Like Sex:  even at [his] worst,  [he] is excellent."   Republican pundit Alex Castellanos tells it like it is on State of the Union

No wonder,  that Obama has so often made people think of sex:  his charisma is a force and power which marks the opening of a new era.   Leaders during an age of transition  have always transmitted sex:  it goes beyond the mere flesh,  and is a sort of carnalized spirituality,  or spiritualized eroticism which is fuels their capacity to engage in the dialectical exchange with the depth of the collective conscious of a rising cultural flood tide.   Obama sits in the saddle,  and rides America.  In antiquity,  there was no puzzle as to the phallic energy of the leader.  MSNBC-Hardball political commentator Chris Matthews,  among others,   spoke of feeling electrified in Obama's presence; and it is true,  his campaign persona was a hurricane force:   women swooned, people fainted,   young males cried out,   "I love you!"  as he passed them by.  This Obamamania was  his due ;  it set the seal of authority on him.  Full of  that manna from heaven which nourishes  and is the bounty of the numinous man to dispense to the crowds  the leader of the fourth turning  -  the  apex and reversal in the  historical moment -  he gains a confidence and power  which transcends his own human person.  Hegel,  Emerson,  Hawthorne,  Thoreau,  Nietzsche,  Jung:  all spoke of this heroic power. 

The degree and kind of a man's sexuality reaches to the ultimate pinnacle of his spirit  ~Friedrich Wilhelm  Nietzsche,  Aphorisms 

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