Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Culture Wars will continue

 Contrary to public opinion,  we are not "generational shifting"  out of the culture wars: 

Gene Expression: The Culture Wars will continue

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Particularly disturbing is their link to the Slate online  article, The Gay Culture War is About to Turn Chemical,  about the numbers of American couples who would abort a fetus who would be gay  ( of course,  this is if one buys into Levay's ( and others')   genetic "born that way"  argument in the first place.)  This deeply unsettling theme was explored in the 1997 independent film  (based on the play by Jonathon Tolin)  Twilight of the Golds starring Brendan Fraser and Jennifer Beals.  When I saw the film,  it occured to me that this was the down side of LeVay's genetic theory that gays are born that way.  It is simplisitc,  and has the adverse affect of making homosexuality seem either a genetic anamoly or a curse from God (if one is evangelical or fundamentalist).  Thus,  it would seem that  the right to freedom of sexual expression and individual liberty  -  expressed beautifully by Paglia in her  1992 Sex,  Art,  and American Culture ,  as well as by many other theorists in the '90s   -   is a better pro-gay theory and stance from which to argue.

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