Monday, March 30, 2009

Where to Now, Amanda? Perugian Trial Continues On. . .

Each week,  Amanda calls home and her voice is heard via speaker phone by family and friends ( only certain of these have permission to speak to her;  the rest must remain silent,  and no press are allowed to be present).   The trial will likely continue on for months.  In the meantime,  one wonders how invested both Amanda in Perugia and her people back in Seattle,  WA have become in the overarching idea of her innocence.

One hardly knows what to make of some witness testimony:  I for one become almost irate at the woman who says she heard a chilling scream,  a woman's scream,  which "made her flesh creep".  Then,  she says,  she heard two sets of footsteps running over gravel.  Ok,  would this be a good time to call the police?  Perhaps attempt to save the woman who screamed and is now bleeding to death?  Nah,  let it go,  let the life drain out of her.  If the scream was so chilling,  why was it ignored?

 Then there are the old faithful friends and family of Ms. Knox.  Perception begins to make reality.  Lines are blurred.  Where does reality leave off,  and wishful thinking take over?  There is always a margin of error:  All life is on probation.  But certain evidence and facts paint  a grim picture for Amanda.  Time will tell,  and the Italian court will speak definitively at some future point.  Facts impose themselves upon illusory phantasms  which come rising up from the psyche in defensive and desperate manouvering. Foul deeds will rise,  tho' all the earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes. . . Addendum:  Oh,  I do not like this!  Pull one thread,  and the whole fabric,  the entire cloth,  begins to unravel!  Just was trawling some old news posts on this story.  Seems that the club owner,  Patrick,  was not fingered by Amanda,  but by the police themselves.  They lied,  claiming his cell phone traced him to that area.  He would never have been released had this been factual.  So Amanda was NOT vindictive against him!  If this is all fantasy, then perhaps the rest is as well.    And all the psychological analysis of Amanda in vain. . . If she is innocent,  if she is innocent. . . But I do not really think so.  Not at all.  I think it is that I do not like holes in a story.  This is   very worrisome to me now.  It reveals the police to be liars, and perhaps bullies as well. . . 

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