Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Speaks to Americans, Appears on Leno, Offers Diplomatic approach to Iran

Speaking out to Americans,  appearing on the Jay Leno show,  and offering a peaceful,  diplomatic approach of "mutual respect"  to Iran:  This is what President Obama has been busy with the past 48 hours.    This "new beginning"  which he proposed in a rare video address to Iran,  most definitely reveals Change come to Washington,  which has been hostile to Iran for decades.  I have always believed that in bowing low to the enemy,  you bring out the very best in him  -  this was the rationale for Jesus of Nazareth and Martin Luther King  -  so I believe Obama is on the right track with this.

As far as Barack Obama's "gaffe"  on Jay Leno -  comparing his bowling to the Special Olympics  -  I think it is folly to point it out.  My son has played in the Special Olympics,  and believe it or not,  the disabled are in fact capable of laughing at themselves.  He thought the President was funny,  and in good form.   For some reason I was also reminded of the story in the Old Testement,  where King David is leading Israel to war,  and the enemy cries,  "the lame and the blind will hold you off.".  "  And David's heart turned cold within him, for he hated the lame and the blind.".

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