Friday, March 13, 2009

Thoughts on Government DayCare and a Return to a Consensus

I happened to be trawling through articles on Obama from back in the campaign days,  and came upon a speech of his about government daycare.  In it,  then Illinois Senator Obama was speaking about something called "Zero to Five",  about  a Children First Agenda which would help families with children under five.  This is very worrisome.  Unless he was speaking of a partial plan which would help the neediest,  it sounds too much like the 1990s agenda of feminism and family breakdown and government sponsered childhood.  America should be a nation of free and independent families.  A return to a consensus should encourage traditional marriage,  mothers as the primary care givers for the children,  and decent jobs for the husbands.

Using the Howe and Struass model of the historical saeculum,  this was always my intuition regarding Barack Obama:  That he was not a third turning candidate (as was Hillary Clinton),  but a fourth turning one,  and thus would be an old-fashioned Democrat,  opposed to the neo-feminist agenda which wreaked havoc from the 1970s up to now.  Nothwithstanding the negative comments about his Youth Corps,  this idea always struck me as a conservative one.  It is wholly different from the day care feminist mentality.  It would strengthen families, and not the reverse.  My intuition is also that Obama ,  being a Democrat,  is having to play into some of the leftover feminist ideology and agenda.  My hope is that he is biding his time,  waiting for the moment when he will break from them,  and distinguish himself as no friend of their agenda. 

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