Monday, March 9, 2009

What if Luca Was Bisexual?

NARTH (The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality)  is making much of Italian singer Giuseppe Povia's song "Luca Era Gay" ( in English,  "Luca Was Once Gay") as signifying a victory for the ex-gay movement.  The song was performed at the Italian Festival Di San Remo and drew both applause and criticism for the 36 year old Italian pop singer.  The lyrics are a thinly disguised autobiographical depiction of Povia's short stint in the gay world  -  he claims it lasted all of 7 months  -  and speak of his longing for a father and desperation to escape an incestuous mother,  which drove him to seek love from older males.

But far from being a black or white incident -  either a victory for the NARTH movement or a bigoted slap at gays who adhere to the born that way arguments of LeVay  -  the song is more likely a spontaneous  illustration of the Freudian idea of inherent bisexuality and fluidity of the human sexual persona within the lifestream of the complex and uniquely shaped psyche.  Only there are no sound bites or identity and grievance politcal groups to grasp this idea.  Bisexuality and the transitory and ever  changing map of the individual psyche is not good for identity poitics;  it is expedient neither for conservatives,  the religious,  or for politically correct liberalism.  So Luca must either be a lying homosexual,  aiming his bigotry even at himself,  or a victorious ex-gay,  a true heterosexual who has recovered from his illness.   Not fair to Luca,  really,  but society has never been able to handle complexity and nuance,  and as Schopenhauer said,  this situation gives no hint of abating.

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