Monday, March 2, 2009

Of CPAC and Brand Limbaugh: Not Good for the GOP in the long run

The women who host the show,  The View ,  were correct in pointing out that many of Rush Limbaugh's remarks,  made during his speech before CPAC,  would have been viewed as unpatriotic during the W Bush years,  particularly at the onset of the invasion of Iraq.  Of course now that the shoe is on the other foot,  Patriotism has been thrown under the bus,  along with a big dose of logic in public discourse.

Notwithstanding the kudos he is getting,   Limbaugh's ranting that affordable housing means paying for your neighbors house is an absurd posturing, and a clarion call to resentful lunatics everywhere.  We are in a fourth turning crisis here,  and Limbaugh takes out the old threadbare and moth-eaten arguments of the third turning days of glitz.  These no longer apply;  and it is almost the criterion for who is of the past,  and who belongs to the future,  whether one stands with Limbaugh or our President.  Limbaugh is post-seasonal,  and he is wearing summer clothes to an autumn bonfire.

As if all this were not bad enough:    Sam Stein of Huffington Post has pointed out that Limbaugh confused the U.S. Constitution with our Declaration of Independence,  but the turnip heads and half wits who are enthralled by him apparently do not catch this.    Of course,  all of this will not be good for the GOP in the long run;  that Limbaugh is appointing himself their savior is one more sign that the party is wounded,  splintered,  and in deep trouble.  To accuse our President of these United States of bastardizing the Constitution,  and then to illustrate that one does not know the preamble to the document,  and to transpose absurdly,  is not being missed by the discerning.

The Founding Fathers were most definitely NOT thinking of a Limbaugh to speak in their defense,  and must be rolling in their graves,  from embarrassment .   Not to mention that he is making a HUGE fool of himself,  speaking himself hoarse and basically spitting into the wind,  about the Democrats not seeing people as people,  but as special interest groups and victims:  Newsflash!  Barack Obama is already addressing these issues,  very boldly and strongly in the cause of unity and change in Washington and in America:  Limbaugh is speaking from the 1990s;  he is in a time warp.    He indeed is coming off as a big,  fat,  idiot,  and he only makes Obama seem more intelligent,  more noble,  slimmer, and handsomer by comparison.  Rush Limbaugh is good for Democrats;  I hope he succeeds!  I really do. . .

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