Sunday, March 8, 2009

Irritated by New York Times, Obama Well Within His Rights

President Obama seemed to show some irritation while being grilled about his (apparent)  leaning toward Socialism by New York Times journalists on Air Force One.    I think he was well within his rights to do so.  The times we are in call naturally for government solution and a restructuring of much,  if not most,  of the social order.  The situation has evolved naturally.  One need not be pro-socialism to understand that cooler winds are blowing.

I think it is the collectivism and populism which frightens.  But much that is temporarily necessary frightens in this life.  Much that is involved with transition terrifies.  I recall Howe and Strauss stating a dozen years back that the fourth turning would scare many:  Precisely due to this intrusion of government,  feelings of claustrophobia were certain to break out.    But complaining about something does not alter the necessity of it;  it  only makes it harder to experience  the positive aspects,  and well nigh impossible to gain any advantages from the situation.

  Obama arose from the '90s as a shoot from a plant. As Hamlet said, ( and I quote him because surely Obama is having to dissemble as did the Danish Prince):   "Chameleon like,  I eat the air, you  cannot feed capons so.".    To quote the Royal Dane further  ( and of course I must transpose a bit): Obama is only socialist  north by northwest.  When the wind is southernly,  he knows  a hawk from a handsaw.  

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