Monday, March 9, 2009

Anthony Peake Forum: A Philosophical Conference, August 2009

A notice for the Anthony Peake International Cheating the Ferryman/ITLADian Forum:  Eric Bryant,  Director of GnosisArts Multimedia,  and SM Kovalinsky are moving ahead with plans for a summer  philosophy conference,  with an invitation extended to Anthony Peake to honor us  as guest speaker.  ( I would hope that his colleague,  Karl L LeMarcs would honor us as well).  I am in touch with the public relations office at Fairleigh Dickinson University and they are informed of the plans, and looking to secure a date in August ( with Anthony's convenience in mind. )  

 The theme will be the philosophical implications of Anthony's dyad theory of binary mind,  with regard to Nietzsche's eternal recurrence theory,  Hegel's dialectic (as per Stephen Crites),  Gnostic philosophy ( to be presented by Eric Bryant and myself)  and current quantum consciousness theory.  The event will receive advance publicity on as well as various press attention.  There will be an open house reception,  and the college is located ideally for  invitations to attendees from New York City (City University), William Paterson University,  and Drew  and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities,  to include students,  authors and professors.  There will be members of the press in attendance as well.  Pictured are the historic Vanderbuilt Mansion and gardens where the event is to be held,  and Anthony's publicity photo.  This site was the location used in the filming of "A Beautiful Mind"  starring Russell Crowe.  

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