Friday, March 27, 2009

Conservative Fear of Obama GIVE Act: Irrational?

Just reading "Wake Up America"  on Obama's GIVE Act.  Yes,  references to Ayers, and that he yet believes in "bombing the Pentagon".  Must be irrational,  or sublime.  I do not believe Ayers to be the same man he was when he believed himself to be a radical terrorist in the cause of justice.  On the other hand,  "one changes and remains the same man;  nay,  three times over"  is a Nietzschean insight.  Time will tell.  Indoctrination of children has been with us throughout all decades of our history;  it is a matter of the degree of good or ill.  I grow weary of it all:  Somehow things have managed to feel stale early on with this Administration.

And does the GIVE Act really prohibit the right to protest proposed legislation?  That does not sound right,  and I will have to research. . .

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