Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama and his new Pledge Project Canvass

Tapping into grassroots,  as in his campaig;  Organizing for America . . . Using his unique campaign method of tapping directly into American grassroots,  Obama has his new Pledge Project Canvass and it will be interesting to see what it entails,  and what will come of it.  "Take to the streets"  is the motto and the method.  As for those who scream that such "socialism"  will take away individuality,  just look at a corporate man,  just look at an insurance salesman;  look at the multitudes on probation and in rehabilitation as the definitions of crime and psychological conditons expand to feed the vast industry,  hungry for salaries:  such individuality!

  It is insane to think that mass mentality has not been the shadow always of free enterprise.  The expanison these last 3 decades,  of social services, and the courts;  of police powers and homeland securtiy,  has been invasive as nothing this nation has seen before,  or will see again.

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