Saturday, January 24, 2009


Boomer Generation Stands Where Howe and Strauss Indicated,  fulfilling the Fourth Turning Scenario predicted by these 2 Historians and Generational American Scholars    In my trawls through the Internet,  I am always amazed at the confirmations I find -  the election of Barack Obama as our 44th President being a huge one  -  of Howe and Strauss' predictions in their 1998 epic book,  The Fourth Turning:  America's Next Rendesvouz with Destiny.    One of their predictions would be that the Baby Boomers -  born after WW II  - would be hated as a cohort.  These are just a couple of pieces among hundreds I have found: Here  
and here         Harrison's book,  Why Baby Boomers Suck is available

Barack Obama:  The Post-Boomer who rescues America from the Boomer Mess

There is a blog called "Die,  Boomer, Die"  which I find vastly entertaining:


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