Friday, January 2, 2009

"Why pick on Israel? Because its actions are wrong."

In 2007,  Steven Rose of the Independent Commentators asked,  "Why pick on Israel?"  and then answered rhetorically,  "because its actions are wrong".  This holds true once more.  As Rose said,  all are aghast "when any serious attempt is made to censure Israel.".  Another blogger on why Israel is in the wrong:
and also to take note of,  in the Dec 31, 2008 edition of The Nation,  there is a fine piece with a telling title:  "Israel's actions are irrational,  no matter how US politicians try to cast them as normal."   
It would appear that Kapner may have been correct when he said that Israel "has caused chaos from its inception"  and charge it with racism,  war crimes, and corruption.  That it does not in any way fulfill Biblical prophesy;  that its inception was a misunderstanding which has grown more dangerous and more convoluted with each step:  also becoming clear.  Can we even afford this support of Israel anymore,  whether in terms of money or morality?  Another old article,  from 2006 by Jonathon Cook,  but also still timely in its statements,  especially in the interesting observation made that journalists will begin a statement with the word ,  "apparently" in an attempt to distance themselves from the truth they purport to stand for:  "The Lies Israel Tells Itself,  and that we tell on its behalf  :
On the other hand,  Charles Krauthhammer's piece in the Washington Post
is not without its own merits.  (Aren't I getting a bit old to be so confused on the issues?)    

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