Friday, January 23, 2009

Israel Stands Undaunted in face of mounting accusations of war crimes

Israel undaunted by mounting war  crimes accusations
Huffington Post's Rebecca Shapiro has authored a piece which includes a graphic slide show of Gaza victims amidst the ruins.  Rumors of Amnesty International finding the useage of white phosphorous by the Israeli's,  along with other charges of unprecedented cornering of civilians,  torture,  shooting of a father in front of his children,  etc.  are as always  to be taken with sober and cautious examination of all facts.  Hamas has not been accused of war crimes by the UN, and there needs to be a balanced view,  although suspicions of Israel lurk within my own mind.  

". . . for the world has changed,  and we must change with it." ~President Barack Hussein Obama   The picture at left is the moment of President Barack Obama signing executive orders to close Guantanomo,  and to suspend trials of suspected terrorist,  many of whom have been detained for years now.  As Obama returns to a principled and gentle approach,  breaking with Bush-Cheney's "war on terror',  despite howls from the right,  there does seem to be clearer air around the White House. Literary,  poetic,  charming,  handsome: Obama at times seems an enchanted figure;  how can America have elected him?  I hope it is not naive optimism to think that he will have an effect on the Middle East,  as well as in all areas.  It is nice to feel optimism:  and the dawn of a new era experienced as a reality,  rather than an impossible dream,  is a welcome change indeed. 

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