Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama, Biden Announce Middle Class Task Force

Obama and Biden unveil Middle Class Task Force:  "Economic disaster must focus on middle class"  and  

The Task Force will be headed by Jared Bernstein, who according to the New York Times is a liberal economist and author of a texual study on the Stimulus plan set forth by Obama.  

Examining areas such as opportunity to attend college,  health care, and organized labor unions,  the Times calls it "a reversal of Bush economics".    It is alwasy interesting to me,  to see in what manner the predictions of Howe and Strauss are materializing in Barack Obama.  In a press conference today,  Obama spoke forcefully,  calling Wall Street bonuses "the height of irresponisibility". 

It seems as though it has taken until now for the roaring '90s to end.  Howe and Strauss had compared the 1990s to the 1920s in their book,  The Fourth Turning.  Schooled in the philosophy of Reinhold Niebuhr ,  Obama is certainly something of a quasi-socialist in his thinking.  I say the times call for it;  against all nay sayers,  it has the right tone for these times.  We are not in form for the Libertarian ideal,  and it cannot realistically be implemented in our era. 

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