Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama: Where the Boys Are

 Where the Boys Are:  Big Daddy Archetype to the Rescue
  Will Obama and his Federal Programs be enough?  Or Too Much?

( this blogger feels both federal help and cultural change  are sorely needed,  and that Barack Obama is the man to guide the joint process) (Above left:    Obama is the Father Archetype for American black boys from fractured homes)

See National Review Online's Jack Dunphy:  Crime and Parenting

Dunphy points out shrewdly that the breakdown of the family system  -  widespread,  but effecting African Americans severely,  due to obvious factors  -  is the true cause of black boys' failure to achieve, and a "government fix"  is not what the doctor odered.  I agree in part;  however,  while the culture and family are strengthened,  which will take decades,  some government help may be called for. Howe and Strauss will be vindicated,  I believe,  as the boy culture, and the return of machismo power  -  archetypally evoked and guided by Barack Obama  -  starts to soar in our nation;  phoenix-like,  arisen pure and shimmering,  from the ashes of the Unravalling era of the 1970s-90s.  

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