Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Action

Closing of Guantanomo, suspension of trials;  this has many on the right seeing the unmasking of Obama as a "radical leftist"  without regard for "the safety of our nation".  The times are changing,  and Obama is poised and decisive ,  offering no apologies.  Europe on the whole is pleased with this first move.  The trail of Omar Khadr,  arrested at age 15 for attacking a US soldier with a grenade,  has been suspended.  This marks a closing of the Bush/Chenery era,  and a shift toward concern for human rights.  For the left,  progress.  To the right,  betrayal and treason. 

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Jesamyn said...

Yes, and of course, here in Australia we have David Hicks who was imprisoned there for 6 years with no trial for briefly experimenting with a Muslim-based group. Interviews show him to be a broken young man. A whole host of atrocities have been perpetuated with him and with others, and the powers-that -be have kept them from us. We are all in this together and a great leader is an awesome change.

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