Friday, January 2, 2009


I still believe in Obama's charisma, and the substance which creates its surface,  and the hope for 2009:  A San Fransisco journalist asked,  during election season,  "What is it that Obama has,  that moves us so?  Not just his oratory skills,  but a supercharged luminous high vibration energy."  He was speaking of numinousity;  that extra quality which Jung spoke of,  wherein a man is infused by the archetypes of heaven. I still believe Obama is an extraordinary man of the Hegelian historical hero stamp:  One who can bring the social dialectic to its next phase.

  Inauguration is upon us,  and so is the man. When I say that I still believe in his charisma,  I mean that I still believe it carries great transformational power,  and is not merely a surface.  We as a nation have been adrift and divided for so long now  -  at least from the perspective of one of my generation,  which is post-Boomer,  slightly ahead of the Thirteenth  -  that it seems more than chance that a young,  handsome,  technilogically savvy,  bi-racial,  and slighlty angst-driven man has stepped up to the plate,  precisely at this time. 

Obama may have the next eight years (let us hope)  to prove that there is indeed a mandate on his presidency;  that a turning point has been reached, and that he will be the dividing line between all that has come before, and all which now awaits us.

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