Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Stimulus Package gets a Victory from House

President Obama's Stimulus Bill Passed by House:  244 to 188

Obama's 819 billion dollar stimulus package has been given the go ahead  by the US House of Representatives,  comprising an important victory for the President.  Opposing Republicans have called the bill wasteful,  claiming it will not stimulate the US failing economy.   

Reportedly,  the Bill passed with virtually zero Republican support, and has been slammed by economists and pundits on the blogosphere.   

Using his weekly video address to push the package,  the President called the economic situation "dire"  and called for its immediate address.  While many feel the package is flawed and needs revision,  Obama has received support from major CEOs. 

  Fox News has charged the plan with being "veiled Socialism", and submit that Obama and Pelosi are in  truth attempting a long term reshaping of the American economy in the form of Socialism;  they call for the President to "call a spade a spade"  and encourage "open debate". 

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