Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's Youngest

I have long been an admirer of little eight year old,  Sasha Obama.  She has such passion,  poise,  and impishness.  She radiates the character of her father.  And I envy her closesness to him;  I hope she never loses it.  It is touching to see her hang on him,  as she does almost anytime she is near him.  She is a "Daddy's girl"  in the most beneficial sense. 

It is a misfortune,  that many African American girls  -  or for that matter,  girls.  period  -  lack such a father figure in their life.  Its importance cannot be over emphasized.  I certainly missed out,  and I believe I have been a victim of this all my life.   I like to think that perhaps the vision of Obama and his youngest daughter can at least serve as an archetype,  with which to identify,  as figures in an enchanted bedtime story.  I certainly hope this can be,  for many who are outside this enchanted circle of love. 

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