Saturday, January 24, 2009

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"I progress so that I may return.":  Barack Obama takes us back to the future.  It was Nietzsche who said that one must go back ,  must regress and descend before the ascension and the en avant,  the forward march could begin:  "retrograde,  but not retarded".  America is in this retrogression to the future;  "both ascension and decline appear at the great historical moment and owe their origins to the same causes." .   As  the song played at the Inaugural Ball for the first dance  -    "At Last My Love Has Come Along"  -    Obama "gave the world assurance of a man"  :  and  every Democrat heart must have sang,  knowing in that moment that  Barack is the beloved.    Shepherd Fairey's poster says all I have just spoken here,  with out words:  His images say exactly what I have set forth.

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