Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whither Is Israel Tending?

Hear Ye,  O Israel;  HaShem the Lord;  HaShem is One  
Whither Are You Tending, Israel?  :  An Attempt at a Critique of Israel's Present Self-Contradiction                                                                     

  It has been said that as goes Israel,  will go the world.  And whither is Israel tending is a question on anyone's mind,  who takes seriously the place of the middle east in our collective global future.  The weakening of its stance toward  Hizballah marked the beginning of a radical decline.  To view the Palestinians as their potential partners and neighbors was a watering down of the Zionist ideology.  To be sure,  from one standpoint,  this weakening was the superior mode.  It marked a democratic resolve which is in alignment with global tendencies to diplomacy.  But this argument is weak from the perspective of Zionist ideology;  it denies its supremacey, and in so doing,  negates its reason for existence as a separate state.  There can be no compromise:  Either Zionism is viable,  or it is an outmoded ideology;  perhaps ill-conceived from its outset.   If the former,  Palestine constitues an  enemy and antipodean entity.  If the latter,  then why a state of Israel at all?  I see today that Leiter is posting "The Case for  a Divestment and Boycott Campaign Against Israel".  (  Israel:  Boycott,  Divest,  Sanction).  The very softening toward Hizballah which it thought would stand it in good stead,  has caused a backlash and an eruption from the recesses of the collective Israeli psyche,  which provoked into conflict,  now adopts the very stance which was once aimed at itself,  from its most formidable oppressor.  

The current outbreak of violence against Gaza and Hamas is merely symptom,  consequence,  incident of all which has come before:  A self-contradiction ,  a rift between ideology and theory on the one hand,  and practice and evolution on the other,  has reached a state of unbearable presssure.  This inward conflict has created a furious downward spiral :  with each attempt at living up to its highest Democratic and postmodern idealism,  there comes a weakening toward Hezballah and Hamas,  who are all too ready to be uncooperative.  On the heels of this comes a furious backlash and escalation of the Zionist militarism.  And so it goes:   And "Israel:  Divest,  Boycott,  Sanction"  may be the banner increasingly flown in Europe and America.  

Israeli children sign missiles,  "with love from Israel"

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