Friday, January 2, 2009

The Division of Israel and the Division of Consciousness

What share have we in David?  We have no inheritence in the House of Jesse. . .

In the books of Hosea,  Israel becomes divided into two houses,  forgetting her origin with Yahweh,  her Lord.  This to me seems symbolic of the divided consciousness ;  the split within the human psyche itself,  which is explored in binary mind theory,  throughout the texts  of theorists such as Peter Novak and Anthony Peake.  One wonders if the current conflict between Israel and Gaza/Hamas is symbolically revealing that our world of technology,  education,  culture and global finance has somehow left behind its brother:  its rough,  sullen,  dysfunctional terroristic brother.  As Nierzsche said,  a virtue may be given poison to drink, and then generate into a vice.  Something to ponder,  as  I watch the world news. . .

I believe this division  -  and the resolution and healing of it  -   is what Nietzsche had in mind,  in his poem,  From High Mountains.  He speaks of the "curtain of fear" being rent;  and the "wedding of dark and light."  He always felt that the Jews and Christians alike had taken revenge on life by elevating god and the eternal far beyond man and the earth.  Eternity is in the fusing of the two elements,  dark and light, which comprise the human psyche.

(British author and quantum theorist,  Anthony Peake.)

 A Man for our era:    British author and quantum theorist  Anthony Peake,   in his dyadic theory,  has called these oft warring elements of our divided mind/consciousness ,   "eidolon and daemon" :  In his recurrence theory,  I believe he has made Nietzche whole and palpable for us with 21st century brain theory and quantum physics.  For anyone interested in our binary mind and its implications in life and afterlife,  I recommend Peake's two books highly;  they are available @,  and are entilteld,  Is There Life After Death? :  The Extraoridnary Science of What Happens When We Die,  2006,  and The Daemon:  A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self,  2008.

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