Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-Inaugural Obama: "Yours are the voices I will take with me. . . "

400,000 crowd the western end of the mall,  with pre-Inaugural festivities under way.  According to reports,  the pre-Inaugural mood has been jubulant with  the genders,  races and ages mingling joyously and cooperatively.  Obama has stressed that those who elected him are what gives him the greatest  hope to face the challenges awaiting him.  "Your voices are the ones I will carry with me. . . "  he told  excited and cheering crowds as he paid tribute to Martin Luther King. 

Ten official inaugural balls will be held,  as well as several unofficial ones, and numerous parties held by state comitteess and private citizens across the nation.  Many schools and Universities will have students watch the televised event.

From history,  at bottom,  Woodrow Wilson's Pre-Inaugural events included a Women's
Suffrage parade.

(And an addendum of ramblings,  which may seem unrelated to Change but are in truth at the crux of it:  To take a break from the pre-Inaugural festivites,  I flipped the channel,  and wound up on Tru TV's Beach Patrol.  Someone is being issued a citation,  and asked to sign it.  They ask,  "And if I don't sign?"  "Then you go to jail,  that's what."  the cop answers arrogantly.  This massive build up of the "crime industry"  constitutes a real violation of civic liberites, and is the fault of both parties.  Is there Change in the offing here?  I was at a Joe Biden rally pre-election,  and Biden was speaking of the Change platform to cheering crowds.  Then he said,  "We intend to build up the police departments accross our nation"  and an awkard silence fell on the crowd.  I did not miss this.  Also,  in trawling the internet last night,  I came upon a book about Susan Atkins,  one of Manson's girls convicted in the brutal Tate-Bianca slayings of 1969.  It was about how she became a demure and patriotic Christian in prison, and was entiled ,  Susan Atkins:  Child of Satan,  Child of God.  Right:  same old,  same old.  From Manson to Christ.  Anything but a free and thinking individual.  Millions are like this, and that is why we never get real "Change".  

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