Monday, January 26, 2009

Pentrating Wind

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What to Expect from Obama's First 100 Days

What can we expect from President Obama's first 100 days?

When we asked the I Ching this question, we received a hexagram with quite a lot of change.

It was clear from our last op-ed that "change" was the watchword of the day. President Obama's election will bring nothing short of near ubiquitous change throughout Congress, the US and the world. The change won't be harsh or abrupt, but gentle yet firm, like a "penetrating wind."

Of course, change is rough - if one isn't ready to change or if one fails to manage the change well. Change can produce instability, volatility, uncertainty. Change can be dangerous.

The Change Leads to Fellowship Among Men

But though these impending changes will bring hardship, President Obama's statesmanship will eventually result in greater fellowship among men, according to the I Ching. The oracle suggests that if we as a nation persevere througout these "penetrating winds" of global change, this will result in hexagram #13 - Fellowship With Men.

Op-Ed informed by the I Ching, Hexagrams #57 and #13

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SM Kovalinsky said...

Thank you for posting this, Eric. I have no doubt, and in fact a strong feeling of certainty, that Obama is just the sort of leader to produce "fellowship with men". And he himself, certainly during the election season, was like the "penetrating winds" of hexagram 57 of the I Ching. Nice interpretation.

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