Friday, January 23, 2009


Brand Obama:  Incentive Intelligence Report:  Brand Obama is Powerful  In an online report for January 23,  2009,  Incentive Intelligence,  a Consulting firm which calls itself "an influence consultancy"  said that attaching Mr.  Obama's name to any poll causes a positive surge of 10 points.  Adding that "  the impossible now seems possible"  and that once again hope is surging,  this report shows that Obama is more than just an icon:  He is an icon with power.  I take this as a sign that "Under New Influence",  an Incentives program for Obama youth,  which has a federal patent pending,  should sail on smooth rails.  (Knocking on wood here).  In addition,  a piece in the UK telegraph online expects tourism to the US to soar due to the inauguration of our 44th.  GO-bama.  


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