Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties and Heated Exchanges About Fascism

"Show us your real birth certificate!" ,  they bleat at our president,  stirring their resentment into a petty stew.  The anti-Obama sentiment spins out its web of delusion, bigotry,   half-truth,  and the phantasms of the  over-heated brains of libertarian blog masters.  

Sean Hannity has a re-enactment of a historical moment ,  the true meaning of which he clearly cannot grasp.  Whither are we tending?  It is  anyone's guess,  but the morons have taken to the streets, and are storming the White House with their tea bags.  God help us. States refuse federal stimulus money even as the infrastructure of their bridges collapse,  killing their own citizens.  

 It is vanity and worse than vanity.  It is collosal folly,  the delerium of those without historical understanding,  who have no substance in their assertions,  and who lack the grace and dignity to air their views tactfully.    Right wing insurgency is on the rise.  Let us hope the flood waters do not drown us.  

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