Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Muppet in Times Square

Martin Huxter made it into New York .  Saw him in Penn Station and sat eating and drinking with him in Houlihan's for about 4 1/2 hours on Sunday night,  with my son,  Andrew,  and my niece,  Danielle.   Had phone and email conversations with him the rest of the days.

 The Muppet is an elusive creature,  easily alarmed,  and one must  be most careful  not to startle him with any sudden movements (these make him jumpy).    He has been known to snarl when you praise him too often.    This is all counterbalanced ,  though:   He is also graceful and charming,  full of satirical wit and sociological satire;  his conversation is smooth and delightful:  Just what one would expect from a savvy film critic and cultural commentator.    My niece and son were  wowed by his  tall litheness,  his liquid  eyes and long fingers,    the white suede shoes, white silk etched shirt,  with navy blue  smart London cropped  jacket,  (he wore the shirt hanging below the jacket,  Jude Law style;  very nice)   and the South London accent.  (Of course we stupidly got NO pictures of him.)  My son now has a new salutation:  "Praise be unto the British Muppet.".  I will leave it to the creature to write his own impressions of his visit.  He flew Continental Airways and stayed at the Hilton on 42nd St and the Park Central on 7th Av.  He will be back in August with Tony Peake, for the conference.

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