Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whispered to those Who Care: "Secession": Obama Birth Certificate Meme Losing its Hold

 I have always agreed with those who feel that the will of the people would over ride this,  even in the worst case scenario.  Better to amend the constitution to accommodate said "usurper"  than to over- ride majority rule.  This is the wrong place to drive the wedge in :  The wrong place.  Global world order and Europeanizing  of our nation  may indeed be the signal to raise the alarm,  for the republic is threatened with relative death.    But surely,  surely one can see that if anything,  these trends in and of themselves  would make them inclined to amend on this score.  There is a better way.  (  Whispered to those who have ears to hear:  Secession. . . ) 

I have always held the opinion that Lincoln and his "union"  was the darkness of the federal government and its powers rising up,  and that power of which the new America may someday perish.  "The United States"  as a monstrous entity under the control of the federal government and presidential powers :  Is this not precisely the opposite of the Jeffersonian ideal of free states comprised of free and equal men?  Is secession possible?  Did not the South desire to leave the Union?  To govern as they saw fit?  And Lincoln would stand for no such thing?  

  About the futile birth certificate meme:  Below,  a piece from Huffington Post:

Major Conservative Site Decries Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory

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