Monday, April 13, 2009

American Prophesy: Words from Blake, Washington

William Blake:  Seer,  Poet,  Orator. 
 Author of America:  A Prophesy   1790

. . . A dragon. . . appear[s] to Americans upon the cloudy night. . . 

America faints!  . . . Empire is no more. . . the fiery joy
Urizen perverted to ten commands . . .
renew the fiery joy
and burst the stony roof
America is darkened
and my punishing Daemon
has terrified. . . 
I was thinking of George Washington's vision,  as well.  This has been interpreted as foreseeing a second revolution,  followed by a second Civil War,  with America invaded by Europe,  the East,  and Africa.  Washington was spoken to as a "Son of the Republic",  and told that all the nations of the world would join against the Republic,  and  shown in a vision that the "light of a thousand suns"  and "great folding black clouds"  would enfold Washington's country.   Prophecy makes its own mood of anxiety,  of course.  I cannot know whether the sense that there is some impending doom is merely personal,  further inflamed by dwelling on this prophetic literature,  as I have been lately. 

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