Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disturbing New Allegations in Huckaby Case

It has now been brought to light that an incident involving a 7 year old child  who resided in the same mobile home park as did Melissa Huckaby and Sandra Cantu,  leads back to Huckaby,  and with disturbing implications.  The child had gone missing for 4 hours last month,  and Huckaby had been interviewed by police,  because her vehicle was involved.  The child was examined at a hospital,  and was found to have been drugged with a powerful muscle relaxer.  Two case of arson also lead back to Huckaby.

This now  sheds light on the Cantu murder:  Accident or not,  it was the work of a true sociopath.


Anonymous said...

yet again AMERICA fails to take care of it's own, our education system, our legal system, our government ALL NEED a major overhaul..
Innocent children die everyday due to sickos!!!!!!!!
My heart goes out to the poor child, her parents & family

Jesamyn said...

Always interesting though to study, as many have, the correlation between upbringing vs inborn traits. Although I personally have not researched it much, one also hears stories of one child in a happy "normal" family being a sociopath or a criminal. And not many of us seem to have had a happy "Leave it to Beaver" or Brady Bunch type upbringing with endless love, understanding and ideal conditions yet we do not kill or torture any living thing. Always much to think on in these cases...

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