Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Florida to Seek Death Penalty in Anthony Case

The Prosecutors on the Casey Anthony case have reversed their former decision not to seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony,  the 23 year old mother accused of slaying her two year old daughter.  Anthony may need new counsel because of this development.

In my opinion,  this was probably an accidental killing by a young single mother.   The true criminal behavior was in the cover up.   In any case,  in a capital felony premeditation is key.  Either premeditation,  or some detail -  such as extreme cruelty of manner of homicide  -  which makes the crime particularly heinous.

I wonder if the prosecution can actually prove that this was a premeditated murder?  Or:     Is this  charge  Ms. Anthony's punishment for being narcissistic and unrepentant ( or at least refusing to show a public display of such)?   It is her general sociopathic nature which is viewed as dangerous (probably rightly so).    One wonders also about unmarried mothers who are barely out of the teen years,  in a culture of instant gratification and narcissism such as the media and advertising encourage. Is there something about being young,  on the loose,  with no husband,  no real home or ties,  which runs counter to maternal instincts,  muting them?  Does this foster a proclivity for reckless behavior and apathy?  The facts would seem to indicate so.

 At the same time,  there is currently the case of Melissa Huckaby,  the 28 year old mom and  Sunday school teacher who likely will also be given the death penalty,  charged with the sexual assault and murder of an 8 year old neighbor girl.  Something seems very amiss with this generation of young women:  21 year old University of Washington student,  Amanda Knox is also charged with sex assault and slashing the throat of her British roommate,  Meredith Kercher,  in 2007.

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