Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melissa Hucakaby: A Serial Offender?

As more light is shed on the accused rapist and killer of little Sandra Cantu,  a profile of Melissa Hucakaby as a possible seiral offender is emerging.  The fact that a seven year old child who was missing for 4 hours last month and had been heavily sedated is linked indisbutibly to Huckaby  -  who was interviewed by unsuspecting police,  and dismissed,  in this prior incident  -  would certainly seem to indicate this.   I would expect other children to be linked with Cantu and this 7 year old in the coming months. 

That a Mom and Sunday school teacher,  grandaughter of a prominent pastor,  could prove to be a predator of little girls,  violating them with drugs,  commiting  forcible rape with the use of instruments  and violent  murder:  It is almost surreal.  Yet it is actual.  And there must be an explanation for such an horrific state of affairs. 

Pedophilia does seem to be passed down through the generations:  The abused child grows up to be an abuser.  That the majority do not is no counterargument to the phenomena :  A significant minority do,  and the urge to repetition was well known by Freud.   Memory becomes,  as Nietzsche says,  a festering wound.   Trauma and memory become an insane dance,  drawing on energy that is needed for healthy ego development.   It does not suprise me that Huckaby is a female offender:  Although certainly law enforcement and FBI profilers must be taken seriously when they say this is an almost unheard of phenomenum,  in any case anyone who has read 19th century psychology texts knows that governesses and nannies (most of them young females)  often violated the children in their charge.    Something monstrous happened to Huckaby,  I am sure.  But the enormity of such a tragedy is increased a thousand-fold by the fact that Cantu and other litttle girls have been destroyed by one who was herself destroyed.   It will be interesting to see the material that comes out in Huckaby's trial,  which may shed light on so tragic and horrific a crime and human outrage. 

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