Friday, April 3, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court Rules "One Man, One Woman" Definition Unconstitutional

The importance of language and its meanings cannot be over-emphasized:  That the Iowa Supreme Court has chosen,  unanimously,  to rule that "one man,  one woman"  no longer defines the state of matrimony,  and is in fact unconstitutional,  will have major implications,  for that state,  and for the nation.  The heartland state has struck a blow to the traditionalists.  So much for an end to the culture wars.

This ruling does not constitute a minor reform by any means.  It will have vast consequences,  which will not show up fully for decades.

One astute blogger pointed out that the ruling may have been fueled by economic concerns:  Bridal shops and banquet halls can expect business to pick up shortly.

Andrew Sullivan must surely feel vindicated:  After suffering massive setbacks in the 2004 elections,  gay marriage is back in the saddle again.  We just have to beware of "unintended consequences".  And there will be some,  for certain.  

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Anonymous said...

Iowa Supreme Court said gay-YES!
See the actual video.

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