Monday, May 11, 2009

We Have Seen the Degenerates, and They are Us

In 1993,  Ignatius Press published E Michael Jones'  Degenerate Moderns:  Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Behavior.

"Sexual compulsion masquerading as scientific interest."  This is Jones on Kinsey,  the leading expert of the modern sexual revolution and its education agenda.  Perversity in sexual ideology will lead us down a slippery slope of untruth,  illusion,  and intellectual depravity.  Americans are confused, and as Allen Bloom showed in The Closing of the American Mind (1987),  this is largely due to sexual proclivities wearing a smokescreen of philosophy and ideology.

  The underpinnings of liberalism are corrupt, and lead the social order into the abyss,  not only sexually and morally,  but  logically.  Err redundant logic has become the infrastructure of America,  hanging on a thread and a prayer;    a web of madness in which the classical noble moves cautiously and furtively,  like an exile.

Having been led astray by Kinsey ,  we are asked to believe, for example,  that a significant minority of Americans are homosexual.  This despite a gaping contradiction coming from precise scientific surveys which place the number at between 1-2%.  Does this matter?  Apparently,  it does.  Public education has allowed its agenda to be waylaid by the Gay Advocacy machine,  and with less than promising results.  We are asked to swallow piece meal ideas about female sexuality which are diametrically opposed to women's genuine self interest.   Bill Muehlenberg's Op-Ed pieces are a cry in the wilderness:  That which ought to be censored and shunned is championed under the guise of liberal academia's progression into the future.

Herbert Marcuse,  Normon O Brown,  Erich Fromm:  The role call of the Frankfurt School which sprang from the side of the Zeus of communistic ideology and has endangered the New Jerusalem.

All of the above is somehow beside the point.  It is a negation,  because the chronology from which our present era arose has followed this path, and it is irretrievable.

It is not odd that even as pedophilia is dumbed down to mean an 18 year old necking  with a 15 year old,  the larger crimes of post-feminism and post-modernism go un-rebuked and unchecked?  The howl to ban cigarette smoking moved in lock-step with the advance of a topsy turvy cultural agenda,  which answered to a strange god that our fathers knew not.  On the one hand ,  there is a punitive and hypocritical social science.  In tandem,  is a feckless and haphazard cultural elephant which continues to lumber about.  The horses are pulling the chariot, and they go in opposite directions.  It is not liberalism or revolution which has damaged:  It was the inability to decipher the why,  and the duties of such. That is the problem which is not being addressed. It is not even being named.

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