Saturday, May 2, 2009

Conservatives Bristle as Obama Calls Empathy "Key" to Supreme Court Justice Character

Speaking of Justice Souter's pending retirement,  Obama called empathy "key"  to future Supreme Court Justice picks,    and said that the "role"  of the supreme court is to help others feel welcome in America;  in particular,  the disenfranchised.

Of course conservatives and libertarians are having none of this.  They see this view of the Supreme Court's role in America as being as foolhardy as it is dangerous.  This is reasonable when viewing all through their particular lens.  Obama is surely a populist,  but this is the time and the season for populism.  (Didn't they call him an elitist during the campaign?)    But Obama's perspective has its own reason, and the ethics of reason,  which they know not.  He does not bow to the letter of the law,  while violating the heart of the law.  He is a bit too Christian for their tastes.

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