Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hatch Thinks Obama Used "Code"

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has said this week that he believes when President Obama spoke of future Supreme Court justices needing "empathy",  he was in fact using "code"  for "activist judges".  Many on the right believe that Obama could stack the Supreme Court during his presidency,  and view him as "to the left of,  and far more radical than,  FDR.".

The country is tipping to the left,  in a natural chronology  out of what took place in excess in the '90s and early part of this decade.  Obviously in times of transition and change,  the losing side becomes gripped with anxiety as they see changes taking place over which they have little control,  and which are diametrically opposed to their partisan and ideologue interests.  Seen as a radical leftist with a socialist agenda  by some,  Obama strikes fear into their hearts as they imagine him making a clean sweep regarding the second amendment and other constitutional protections.

If Obama is employing the rhetoric of a man with a radical and sweeping vision of Change for America,  he is evoking a response from the right,  similar in kind and degree,  to what Ronald Reagen evoked in the left,.  in the early '80s.  Par for the course.  Nothing can stop the forward progress of history,  even if that forward march should include periods of regression to some former time.

In Brown v the Board of Education,  Chris Matthews of MSNBC has argued,  empathy became one of the overarching and great motivators.  I think few could argue with this.

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