Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coming to a State Near You: Martial Law and the Growing Fear

In the blogospere of America,  throughout the halls of cyber-society,  there is a growing suspicion and increased mistrust of FEMA,  the Office of Homeland Security,  and other federal agencies which might have undue power to subdue the populace and order our lives should a state of martial law ever be declared.

The expanded Presidential powers which were a major incident of the Bush-Cheney Administration after 9-11 are now in place under an Obama Administration,  and to those who fear big government and global new order,  it is a bipartisan dilemma with both major parties indicted.  Swine flu now raises the alarm as the Patriot Act did under W.  Nothing has changed in terms of the schema or the building paranoia ,  nor  the dread of the coming anarchy.

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