Monday, May 11, 2009

Fort Lauderdale Entrepreneur has Fascinating Phallic Theory; Social and Cultural Implications are Many

In my work as an independent writer and editor,  one of the more pleasant aspects is having the chance to meet interesting people.  Last night,  I had the pleasure of conducting a phone interview with Mr.  Al Dana,  a Florida entrepreneur and inventor. who has come up with a truly innovative theory regarding male health,  which also has cultural,  social,  and psychological implications.  

Dana,  55, of Fort Lauderdale,  Fla,   has been a promoter of major rock bands in the U.S.  since the early '70s,  and has patented several inventions,  which have been marketed nationally and globally,  with much success.  He is also the discoverer  of a special litigation clause called Collateral Stopal,  and is the first person to successfully litigate using the concept.  

But what is truly fascinating about Mr. Dana is his theory regarding male phallic health.  Leading to the creation of a new medical weight training device,  featured on Wikipedia as Kegel Male Trainer/Stud Trainer,  it is an idea whose time has come.  While an un-matriculated student at the University of Miami,  Dana became fascinated with Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man,  which is the whole man,  in all his powers.  In Da Vinic's concept,  the phallic area is the Sun of universal cosmology.  Using the male body as a microcosm of this concept,  the ideation focuses on the phallus as source of total health for the male. 

While studying at the University of Miami,  Dana began a sort of "guided"  process,  which would eventually lead him to the creation of his weight training device.  Its premise is that here are three muscles contained within the phallus/penis.  Says Dana,  "After the male sexual peak during adolescence,  these begin to atrophy.  This in turn causes incontinecne,  weak erections,  premature ejaculations,  as well as fertility problems."    His training device uses low weight balls for resistance,   weighing from 2.5 ounces for 1 ball,  and reaching a maximum of 10 ounces for 3-4 balls.  Men generally use the device once or twice a week, and within a period of months,  experience a total rejuvination.  Not only do the problems with incontinence and premature ejaculation/weak erection clear up,  but there are signs of increased testosterone levels as well.  These include:  Decrease in pectoral and waist flab,  increaed sexual stamina,  fertility,  and general self-esteem.  

There are psychological implications which feed directly into the culture and society as well.  Says Dana,  "With this atrophy or withering of the phallus,  there is often a blaming of the female partner.  This is of course not good for marriage.  The guy begins to seek titillation,  affairs or pornography,  which leads nowhere.  After using this device,  men are so rejuvenated that they are once again proud and happy in their primary relationship."   

Fascinating to this writer is the fact that the premise of Dana's device is well-supported by Alternative Medicine literature:  "Better ejaculation rids the testicles of cariogenic material."  says Dana.  "There are no toxic effects on the heart,  liver,  or nervous system ,  such as with Viagra,  Vimax and the numerous pharmaceutical male enhancement products on the American and European markets.. Risks and side effects are nil."  

It has been said that with white rapper Emimem in 1998,  we entered the era of Male Phallic worship.  Certainly,  Dana's product's logos is boasting "the true angle of the erection"  by Vitruvian standards.  It is a fascinating idea,  that phallic resurgence  -  such as classical Greek culture advocated  -  is here as predicted by Nietzsche.   Indeed,  gay males have been large contributors to  and proponents of this social effect,   And Dana's theory has not gone unnoticed by them.  A gay website owner told Dana,  "You made this for us!"  and Dana had to at least partly agree.  "Anything which increases male esteem and happiness is good for our society."  he said from his Fort Lauderdale home.   I do not think many can argue with that idea.    Dana's Kegel Male Trainer/Stud Trainer will be profiled once again on Wikipedia,  along with his personal biography.  The device is well patented under Federal Food and Drug Administration regulations.

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