Saturday, May 23, 2009

Despite New Suspect Hewlett, McCanns' Innocence Still in Doubt

With all the talk of the new suspect,  Raymond Hewlett,  in the Madeline McCann case,  I think it should be remembered that a similar parade of emerging suspects occurred in the JonBenet Ramsey case.  But none of this can wave away the original suspicions  -  with good cause - of the original investigators.  Hewlett was 62 years old at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, and was staying some 60 miles away from the resort.  And what of the original lies the McCanns told,  the staging of the  open window,  the changed stories,  the contradictions, the evidence of the cavader dogs,  etc.  : The list goes on and on.

I remain unconvinced and unmoved by this new "significant" suspect,  and do not see it as a break in this case,  which is outliving any usefulness it may have had (if  indeed it ever  had any,  other than to reveal the psychology of arrogance and irresponsibility,   and the psychopathology of fraud and deception.)

Supposing this man confesses?  And he just might:  He is in a hospital in Germany, dying of throat cancer,  what does he have to lose?  Then the McCanns will mourn that the body will not be recovered, and the world will mourn with them,  and they will grow more smug,  and give counsel to more people,  and all the while the truth will be vanishing like smoke,  and will never be known.  I am extremely suspicious as to the timing of this new "break";  it comes on the heels of Goncalo Amaral's threats to counter sue the couple.  It is the perfect solution to their problem which won't go away, and it comes at the perfect moment.  

And now news of Amaral's guilt in falsifying evidence on another case surfaces in the news.  The McCann machine is winning.  It is grinding to dust all opposition,  and would appear to have truth on its side,  except to the discerning.

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