Friday, May 1, 2009

Amanda Knox: The Trial Continues...

Am wondering if Amanda Knox will testify at the trial. As others have rightly said, she would most likely crumble under cross-examination, seeing as she has not been able to come up with a cohesive story in all her time musing in jail. Her father, Curt Knox, says that his daughter is "anxious to testify and to show the court she is 100% innocent". The 48 hours special which has aired, declaring the 16 month investigation into the case has proven Knox to be a victim of corrupt Italian police, seems to have not taken into account the very real discepencies and incoherence in the stories of Knox and Sollecito.   CBS reporter Peter Van Sant has said that the case is like "a runaway bus rolling over the innocent Amanda.".

The Italian judge said that his main reason for believing that Knox and Sollicito must have been accomplices of Rudy Guede in the murder of Ms. Kerhcer is that it was clear that someone who knew of the crime, and had an interest in coming back and staging the scene, and who had access to the cottage, had done so. Who else, he reasoned, could this have been but Ms. Knox? It is well-nigh impossible to get around these facts, although the 48 Hours investigation seemed to have missed them completely.  And when Nancy Grace aired her own interviews with family members of Ms. Knox,  as well as legal experts,  it came down to something like,  "there is no witness,  no evidence,  no confession,  no case."  Very different from the scene in Perugia.

On many of the forums about this case,  people have remarked about Amanda's inability to tell reality from fantasy,  her penchant for pornography,  and the desire to enact some of the scenarios caught in her mind;  moreover,  the very strangeness,  the downright weirdness, of her phraseology,  whether in her verbal comments or the ramblings of her prison diary.  These last are indicative of a person who lacks empathy,  and lacks the ability to conceal her own oddities (because unaware of them).  

On the excellent blog, Lies Our Mothers Told Us, the blog mistress, Miss Represented, has done a fine and thorough job of analysis of all the intricacies of this most perplexing and disturbing case. There is the suspicion by some there, that the crime may have even been far more than a "game gone wrong": It may have been a premeditated murder which shipwrecked on the rocks of Murphy's Law.

Will simply have to see what unfolds in the coming weeks and months. Odd that the Italian court system would conduct a muder trial only on weekends, though. Seems to break with consistancy. One wonders with Guede, Knox, and Sollecito, if this is going to be a case where "the weakest link will break". Guede has been silent, and done and said nothing which would serve in his own defense.

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