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Gay Teen Suicide Hoax - Daric Richie issues public apology to

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Am not really wanting to do further articles about Daric Richie  -  and in fact had sworn not to  -   However:   as he has supposedly issued a public apology to for the Terrel Williams gay teen suicide hoax, I thought it merited a quick mention.   We are currently awaiting verification of the story from the editors at

 From Wikia: 

First,  the captured screen shot by Google, in case it is edited or tampered with:  click on image and then zoom to read:

The Terrel Williams Suicide Hoax was proven to be a scam perpetuated by one Daric Rawr, also known as Daric Richie, Darice Jemen Richie, Derek Jacob Goff.
It was begun in October 2010, at the height of the LGBTQ teen suicide scandal which rocked the nation.
Perez Hilton, Queerty, and many prominent LGBTQ venues picked up the story on a national scale after it was reported publicly that the 17 year old youth had hung himself after being mercilessly gay bullied at school in Lakewood, Washington. researched and found there were no medical examiner or police reports of any youth committing suicide under the name Terrel Williams, and that the hoax had been perpetuated by his fictitious lover, Daric Rawr.
Attempts were made by Rawr to say that the youth had killed himself in Beverly Hills, CA, where he was residing with his grandparents. This, too, was researched, and found to be ficitious. Rawr also posted false pictures on Twitter and Facebook of people - one, an infant - who were supposedly Terrel Williams, and even set up an "In Memory Of" page until it was found that the person was a fabrication of Rawr's to garner publicity for himself. A recent attempt regarding the Amanda Knox appeal trial saga was made by Daric for similar motives, and in a similar modus operendum.
On April 26, 2011, Rawr, now known as Daric Jemen Richie, has supposedly issued a public apology on, but the story in not appearing on the internet. This page has been saved via Google screen shot to prevent unwanted edits or tampering.

See this link, one among numerous ones on the internet :
Also the comments section of this link: Terrel Williams hung himself due to gay bullying?

Terrel Williams Gay Teen Suicide Hoax - Daric Richie Wiki
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