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Fictitious internet poster Daric Richie dupes Perugia Murder File and Peter Quennell

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This story regarding Daric Richie and Perugia Murder File  smells quite a bit like the recent one involving National Organization for Marriage defector Louis Marinelli.   It's all about that 15 minutes of fame.  I see that the Examiner has now deleted Richie's "exclusive interview"  ,  and in fact all articles pertaining to him on the Examiner seem to have vanished.  Odd,  too,  that the 16 year old list his age as 18 here .  In any case,  "Daric Richie"  is a fictitious persona of a make-believe "celebrity"  who has resorted to the lowest stunts for publicity,  as can be seen on this YouTube.  Perugia Murder File and his alleged run-in with Friends of Amanda Knox is just the lastest of his cheap gimmicks.  

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Guilter Talkin': Daric Richie dupes PMF and Peter Quennell
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Anonymous said...

one of his articles about himself he claimed to have won the "politzer" prize in 2000, at which age he would have been 5. I think the truth is that he is 21. He has been migrating to new identities. He gives "advice" to gay teens which is really scary. He says he is 16 and writes in a "teen" voice to garner sympathy. He made a fake on line boyfriend and bf mom who then suicided and it made national news including When they tried to physically locate him they couldnt. People were pretty angry when they found out the truth. He is still chatting with pmf even today, getting legal advice because someone is taking over the twitter accounts of his old identity and outing the new ones.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Yes, I have unfortunately encountered his type before, and it is very pathologic.

I am bewildered as to why Perugia Murder File has dropped its standards, as a quick background check on this person will reveal he is indeed NOT a minor, and has run some horrid scams.

Yes, he is claiming that those who are revealing his history are "pedophiles",(absurd on ALL counts, as even if he WERE a minor, which he is not, how is outing scamming activity akin to pedophilia?) and PMF, with its legal expertise, is allowing such insane talk.

I refuse to take my posts down, and I for one welcome a call from the police, as I have nothing to hide, and am simply trying to expose a very sick individual. As stated, I am particularly sickened by internet hoaxers. PMF has totally lost my respect. I hope Knox and Sollecito are freed, sue for millions, and all of this insanity dies down. People are worse than I ever imagined

SM Kovalinsky said...

Addendum: I have noticed PMF sinking lower and lower in their standards, making jokes of a sexual nature RE Bruce Fisher, and Knox's stepfather and half sister, so I suppose I should not be surprised that they have taken up with a pseudo-criminal. I think we should all ignore this Daric, and PMF will see by and by that he has nothing to report to the police, and may himself soon be subject to investigation.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Posing as a minor on the internet may in fact be considered criminal.

SM Kovalinsky said...

See my latest post on the top of this blog. If Richie is in fact posing as a minor, he is definitely breaking the law, and the lawyers at PMF are without standards.

His IP should be traced, and his real name , age, and location should be made known. I am going to see to this, as I find his threats sickening in the extreme.

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