Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some celebrity stunts and scams of an Internet menace

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"Daric Richie" AKA Darrick Goff,  Dereck Goff,  Daric Rawr has cooked up the following cheap stunts to get his bit of celebrity,  and to generally become an internet menace:

1.  Wrote a bunch of untrue articles and bios about himself (and when the Examiner got wise,  they deleted a good portion of these).  See his Wikia,  or my screenshot of it if he tries to edit.    Also published books which no one has bought or reviewed on Amazon.

2.  Scammed the LGBTQ community,  and one of the finest gay venues ever,  Queerty,  into believing his fictitious gay lover had committed suicide at the height of the gay teen suicide scandal last fall.  and

3.  Pretended to believe in Amanda Knox's innocence,  and wrote fake news about being attacked for it;  then after throwing those he befriended in  the pro-Knox camp under the bus,   pretended to read the Massei Motivation report,  and that he had become convinced of her guilt,  and wrote fake news about being attacked for it,  and got Perugia Murder File to lower their standards and swallow it.  Swarmed by a group of angry pro-Knox zealots?  Methinks you lie,  Mr. Richie!  And that ought to be a very serious matter,  making false allegations of such a nature:  I wonder why the Examiner deleted this important news flash, hmmm?

4.  Posed as a minor  -  which is illegal for any reason  -  and gave advice to young teens.  Subjected anyone who called him out on his vicious and crappy stunts to the charge of "pedophilic stalking"  (eh???)
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Leesa said...

Daric Rawr, Richie, "whatever" is a fake and a fraud. All of the article you see on the internet that have something good to say about him are fake, the only true articles about him, explain point blank his lies. For the record, I don't know about anyone else, but I do not think a person who "FAKES A SUICIDE AND MILKS INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR ATTENTION AND SYMPATHY" needs to be in contact with teenagers. What Daric did to me and the LGBT community is deplorable and I still feel he should be prosecuted for his lies, manipulations, and cons..

SM Kovalinsky said...

I am with you 100%. To see the people at Perugia Murder File, many of them lawyers, doting on him and lapping up his libelous and scandalous allegations is sickening. I believe he ought to be prosecuted and also given psychiatric treatment, before he becomes worse.

Leesa said...

I would love to see him prosecuted! I believe that if he is allowed to continue as he is, he is only going to get worse. He is going to get someone killed with his "advice" and more than likely his scams will intensify and he will hurt a lot of people. I think he is a very dangerous predator, that needs to be stopped before it is too late.

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