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The ‘collapse’ of the charges at the appeal court. By Giangavino Sulas (Translation by Candace Dempsey)

The ‘collapse’ of the charges at the appeal court

By Giangavino Sulas (Translation by Candace Dempsey)
April 2011, Perugia.
The prosecution, which considers Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito the murderers of Meredith Kercher, has been disarmed
The scientific proof,  finally entrusted to experts nominated by the appeals court and not just to the police, is deteriorating and opens up disturbing questions about the procedures used. The witnesses who, when they were not drug addicts or in jail for drug dealing (like Hekuran Kokomani and Antonio Curatolo), have problems of deafness, of physical and mental health serious enough to be hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. (That is the case with Nara Capezzali).
This is the Perugia appeals court for the murder of the British student Meredith Kercher. Before the bar are two suspects and on the bench a good three prosecutors (a public prosecutor and two deputy prosecutors). A number worthy of a Cosa Nostra super trial. Evidently there are a few problems. And the problems unfailingly emerge.
If the clasp of Meredith’s bra, on which the prosecution claims to have discovered the DNA of Raffaelle Sollecito, is rusted and can no longer be examined by the experts appointed by the appeals court, and the only witness claiming to have seen Amanda and Raffaele together the night of the crime has changed his version, by changing the dates of his “sighting,” then what else is left as evidence against the young man from Puglia?

What do they have on hand?

Raffaele Sollecito in class, 2007.
And what remains against Amanda if, always according to the experts, the amount of biological material found on on the knife, the presumed crime weapon, is a level too low to reveal the genetic code?
Recall that this is the biological material from which the forensic analyst extracted the DNA of Meredith (on the tip of the blade) and of Amanda (on the handle.)
On the blade there is no trace of bleach
The experts added as well another particular: there was no trace of bleach on that knife. Then it had never been washed to clean the traces as maintained by the forensic police. The only proofs against the two young people have been cleaned away, but Amanda and Raffaele remain in prison after three and a half years. The young man of Puglia has celebrated his fourth consecutive birthday in a cell.

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